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Mars exploration

Mission to mars : The amazing high definition images Curiosity has produced have undoubtedly increased human appetite for further Mars exploration and, of course, manned missions are the ultimate goal. Yet, there are still further steps which need to be taken before manned missions can be considered a safe and realistic prospect.
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Mission to mars

The concept of a manned mission to Mars has been explored by scientists and science fiction writers alike for several decades. From the moment Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon in 1969, a manned mission to Mars has seemed to be the logical follow-up in terms of human space exploration. Yet, despite being the perceived next step, efforts towards actually taking the step have apparently remained a long way off.
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Flying cars

Motor vehicle technology is progressing at a much slower pace compared to other disciplines such as nanotechnology, biotech, and information technology. For instance, the world’s human record speed was set in 1969 when three young men Gene Cernan, John Young, and Thomas Stafford flew the Apollo 10 at 2,790 mph. This particular record has never been broken up to date.
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The power of nano-technology

Star Trek is said to be one of the most accurate of technological prognosticators: everything from mobile phones to the internet was featured in that revolutionary show, and its ideas continue to permeate our everyday lives. What of the technology of the future? Does popular culture still have the power of prescience? Nano-technology is one of the latest buzzwords, and in the 1999 video game Deus Ex, nano-technology is as important to human civilisation as food and water. The alteration of matter on an atomic and molecular level is a science that has incredible implications for human society and its evolution, both psychological and physiological.

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The New Innovations In The Car Industry

The vehicle industry has undergone a lot of changes since the invention of the car. The invention of the first automobile dates back to 1769 with the design of the Cugnot Steam Trolley, by Jonathan Holguinisburg. In 1806, the first cars that were powered by an internal combustion engine were invented. These used fuel gas and eventually, cars that use the petrol-fuelled internal combustion engine were invented. This is what has been in use to the present day. Continue reading