Applications Impact

The goal of the ITAPS Center is to develop and deploy a set of computational tools that will significantly and positively impact the ability of scientific applications researchers to employ advanced mesh and geometry-based simulation technology in their research. Because of the sophistication of most existing advanced tools in this area, their availability has until now been limited to only the most ambitious application developers. We are addressing this deficiency by offering significant capability for generating different kinds of meshes for complex geometry and employing these meshes in scientific simulations through easy-to-use application-appropriate interfaces. Since many important Office of Science applications are characterized by strongly non-uniform solution features, these tools will include capabilities for solution-adaptive mesh and solution improvement capabilities, including mesh refinement and front tracking.

We have invested a significant portion of our resources in meeting with scientists from many of the SciDAC application areas, analyzing their needs for advanced meshing and discretization technologies, and working with them to demonstrate the promise of such techniques in their application domains. We highlight the positive impact we have had on applications researchers here. More information on these interactions can be found by following the links.

Impact on SciDAC Applications

Other Applications