Solution Transfer Service

Multi-physics and adaptive analyses must transfer solution fields and/or their derivatives between meshes or to other applications. This process requires the evaluation of field variables and their derivatives at particular target locations, based on data associated with the sending mesh. For each target location, the solution transfer process must (i) identify the mesh entities in the sending mesh from which data is required; (ii) determine the local coordinates of the target point on the sending mesh entities; and (iii) evaluate the required field components on the sending mesh at that location. In some cases, the field may be preprocessed on the sending mesh to improve its accuracy and/or level of continuity between mesh entities.

We propose to construct a solution transfer service by integrating ITAPS components for geometry and mesh sorting and searching, interpolation kernels, and implementations of the geometry, mesh, and fields interfaces. Dynamic services will be used to support solution transfer in petascale computing environments.